Square Butte

Square Butte WSA


The Square Butte WSA centers on it’s namesake, a butte which presents an imposing landmass whose vertical sides present a "square" appearance from a distance.  The butte is a laccolith, an intrusive bubble of magma that has penetrated sedimentary beds. Erosion has left the main block of rock surrounded by eroded spires, ribs and fins, and soaring buttresses, of the same rock at the base.  Dense stands of lodgepole, limber pine and Douglas fir cover the side slopes.   Due to the steep cliffs, the summit has been isolation from human activity and the summit flora is a vegetative relict that has research value.  Wildlife includes a population of Rocky Mountain goats and breeding populations of prairie falcons and other raptors that use the cliffs for nesting.


The Square Butte WSA is located in central Montana, approximately 50 miles east of Great Falls. There is no public access to the WSA.