The Hack Lake WSA is adjacent to the Flat Tops Wilderness (managed by the USFS). Topography of the WSA is formed by the points of two flat-to-rolling ridges, flanked by steep, rugged cliffs with rocky outcrops and rock slides. The area provides expansive views of Sweetwater Creek and rugged hills to the south and west. Vegetation consists mainly of spruce, fir and aspen. Fauna includes black bear, mountain lion, mule deer, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, and Rocky Mountain elk. Outstanding opportunities include hiking, backpacking, hunting and photography. A hiking trial leads to Hack Lake, about 4 miles from the trailhead. Continuing on the trail another 2 miles enters the Flat Tops Wilderness. Elevation ranges from 7,700 to 11,000 feet.

Visitation Information

The Hack Lake WSA is located in Garfield County. From I-70 at Dotsero, CO, drive north on Colorado River Road (Eagle County Road 301) for about 6.5 miles, then northwest on the Sweetwater Road to Sweetwater Lake.

The trail connects to other trails in the area, which provide loop backs to Sweetwater and alternate routes into the Flat Tops, where an extensive network of trails is available. Use is limited to hiking and horseback riding; motorized vehicles are prohibited.

Alternate Route - Take Sheep Creek Road 4 miles before Sweetwater Lake and take the dirt road 5 miles to undeveloped camping area. Four wheel drive is recommended when wet.

Visitor Advisory

Total Area: 4 acres

Elevation Range: ~10,900 to ~11,000 feet

BLM Field Office: Colorado River Valley

Designated: 1980 (Wilderness Study Area)