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Bureau of Land Management's Blueprint for 21st Century Outdoor Recreation

BLM is establishing a new Blueprint for 21st Century Outdoor Recreation intended to guide investments, partnerships, outreach and program development to respond to current demand and chart a course to meet future needs. Through the Blueprint, BLM is establishing a new vision to proactively manage for exceptional and unique recreational experiences that invite all to share in the enjoyment and stewardship of their public lands.  

The Blueprint presents several major shifts in how the agency prioritizes and supports outdoor recreation. BLM is committed to durable change, which means it must work closely with communities and partners to respond to varying recreation opportunities and pressures. This will allow us to seek continuous program improvements. Another principle of change is a shift from reactive recreation management to a proactive approach, emphasizing planning to address sustainable resource management needs. Importantly, the Blueprint advances the Department of the Interior Equity Action Plan. It will offer a new path forward that promotes equitable access to outdoor recreation opportunities while conserving, protecting and enhancing BLM’s one-of-a-kind resources and experiences.  

The Blueprint will build on the prior work of the existing Connecting with Communities BLM recreation strategy. Read below for more information about the Connecting with Communities strategy.

Connecting with Communities

BLM-managed public lands are recognized as America’s Great Outdoors, a “Backyard to Backcountry” treasure. These lands represent the largest acreage available for recreation in America.  The BLM’s many offices have partnered with state and local government agencies, other federal agencies, conservation organizations, and others, to help people connect to nature through recreation. 

The vision of the Connecting with Communities strategy is to build on this strength and expand the BLM’s existing partnerships with national, regional, and local organizations who share our goals of providing sustainable recreation opportunities and lasting economic benefits to communities.

The BLM seeks to manage America’s public lands for visitors to enjoy better health, spend time with families and friends, and connect to America’s Great Outdoors.

Through the links below, learn how our state offices are implementing this community-based strategy:

Provide Feedback!

Do you have thoughts on BLM's new Blueprint or innovative suggestions to make it stronger? We'd love to hear them. We're accepting input on the Blueprint until September 30. Submit your comments and ideas by email by the end of September. Your input will be invaluable as we refine our implementation of the Blueprint.

National Strategy

Download a copy of the Blueprint for 21st Century Outdoor Recreation

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Download a copy of the Connecting with Communities strategy

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