Two men admire the scenery of the Gila Box Riparian National Conservation area

Arizona Recreation Partnerships

Tasked with managing over 245 million surface acres of public land, the Bureau of Land Management is best described as a small agency with a pivotal mission: To sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of America’s public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. In order to carry out this mission, BLM manages public land for multiple uses, such as recreation, livestock grazing, protection of natural resources, and many other uses. Partnerships are the foundation to effective management and central to the mission’s success.

BLM-Arizona has been innovative in its efforts to collaborate with partners and encourage community involvement. BLM-Arizona has implemented advisory committees, partnered with friends groups, local agencies, and others who are committed to enhancing of public lands. These partnerships guarantee management decisions are reflective of community and partner interests. BLM-AZ partners and local communities all share the common goal of conserving, protecting, and enhancing public lands for enjoyment and use by future and current generations.

Featured Partner: BLM Lake Havasu Field Office 

Warm climate, cool waters, and an endless amount of recreation opportunities can be found at Arizona’s Lake Havasu. Situated along the Arizona-California borders of the Colorado River, Lake Havasu City is one of the state’s premier visitor destinations. Its waters and surrounding lands are managed by a number of federal, tribal, state, and local governments. 

Over the last two years, the BLM Lake Havasu Field Office (LHFO) has spearheaded the effort for coordinated management over the resources and activities of Lake Havasu. To better serve the public, the BLM Lake Havasu field office developed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), which outlines each agency’s jurisdictional roles and responsibilities. This effort culminated in November of 2015, with the signing of the Lake Havasu Management Partnership MOU. The ultimate goal of the MOU is to maintain a safe, quality recreation experience for the public, leverage combined resources efficiently, and eliminate overlapping permitting requirements. The MOU fosters a high degree of cooperation, coordination, and communication among the agencies and brings clarity and transparency to the public and businesses of Lake Havasu. The partnership enhances stewardship of Lake Havasu and ensures that the area is preserved for future enjoyment.