Alaska Recreation Partnerships

The BLM in Alaska has long depended on working with others, through partnerships, to enhance public lands and to carry out internship, education, interpretation, and trail project opportunities. Working with partners, including government agencies, schools, businesses, and community organizations, on a continual basis strengthens the connections to Alaska. From every corner of the state, the BLM has partnered to accomplish scientific studies, teaching the next generation about the importance of land stewardship, and educating the public on the significance of an area or resource. When the work is too great, we call on our partners to get the trail built or fixed and the bridge made.

BLM employees and volunteers head out on the trail to haul gravel for National Public Lands day.
BLM employees and volunteers head out on the trail to haul gravel for National Public Lands Day.


Featured Partner

BLM AK and Tread Lightly! began a partnership in 2021 to promote responsible OHV education and restoration. Tread Lightly! has been able to assist the BLM in communicating responsible OHV education through social media, print materials, and custom signage. In addition, they have served as a partner to facilitate restoration and improvements for trails on BLM AK lands. In 2023 they assisted the White Mountains National Recreation Area staff through partnerships with professional trail building companies to improve and restore 6 miles of the Wickersham Creek Trail, a popular trail used by OHV and non-motorized users. In the future, BLM AK and Tread Lightly! will continue to partner to promote responsible OHV education, while providing improvements and restoration to trails across BLM AK.

A mini-excavator at a BLM trailhead
A mini-excavator prepares to go to work on BLM-managed lands.