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The Rogue National Wild and Scenic River is part of the Bureau of Land Management's National Conservation Lands. The National Conservation Lands include nearly 27 million acres of National Monuments, National Conservation Areas, Wild and Scenic Rivers, and National Scenic and Historic Trails. The National Conservation Lands work to conserve the essential fabric of the West, while offering exceptional opportunities for recreation, solitude, wildlife viewing, exploring history, and scientific research.

A few of the most popular areas along the Rogue Wild and Scenic River are: the Hellgate Canyon, Rogue River National Recreation Trail, Rainie Falls Trail, Whisky Creek Cabin, Rogue River Ranch, Mule Creek Canyon, and Blossom Bar. There is a BLM river information visitor center approximately 25 miles northwest of Grants Pass. The visitor center is on the river near the town of Galice and is approximately 20 miles from I-5 on the Merlin-Galice Road. The center is called the Smullin Visitor Center and is located at the Rand National Historic Site.

If you are planning a trip on the Rogue National Wild and Scenic River, Grants Pass, Oregon is the nearest population center where you can find supplies and services prior to your trip. The BLM administered Wild and Scenic Rogue is divided into two sections: the Hellgate Recreation Area and the Wild Rogue.

The Hellgate Recreation Area, 27 miles long, from the mouth of the Applegate River to Grave Creek, is a popular stretch for day trips featuring 11 boat ramps, and Class I and II rapids. Commercial guides are required to have a permit to offer boat trips in the Hellgate Recreation Area. The area offers guided float trips, fishing trips, jet boat trips, shuttles and equipment rental services. Permits are not required for private boating parties.

The Wild Rogue requires a permit for both private and commercial boat trips. The Wild Rogue, 32.4 miles, Grave Creek to Watson Creek, is a Class III river, with a few class IVs, and is usually traveled in 3 to 4 days by float boating or 5 days by hiking. There are two boat ramps - Grave Creek, the put-in, and Foster Bar, the take-out. If you are planning a guided float trip on the Wild Rogue, check our commercial outfitter web page. There are also jet boat trips that go upstream from Gold Beach to Blossom Bar. Enjoy your visit to the Rogue!

Classification (by Segment)

Wild — 33.6 miles; Scenic — 7.5 miles; Recreational — 43.4 miles; Total — 84.5 miles.

Designation Type(s) and Date

October 2, 1968. The segment of the river extending from the mouth of the Applegate River downstream to the Lobster Creek Bridge.


84 miles


The Rogue River is located in southwestern Oregon and flows 215 miles from Crater Lake to the Pacific Ocean. The 84 mile, Congressionally-designated "National Wild and Scenic" portion of the Rogue begins 7 miles west of Grants Pass and ends 11 miles east of Gold Beach.

Outstandingly Remarkable Values

The Rogue is a popular whitewater river located in southwestern Oregon. From the headwaters near Crater Lake National Park, the Rogue flows 215 miles to the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach, Oregon. The eighty-four (84) miles of the lower Rogue, beginning 7 miles west of Grants Pass and ending 11 miles east of Gold Beach was one of the original eight rivers included in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968.  It is also designated as an Oregon State Scenic Waterway. This portion of the river is managed cooperatively by the Medford District BLM and the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

The Rogue is well known for its challenging whitewater, steelhead and salmon fishery, and extraordinary wildlife viewing opportunities. It is surrounded by forested mountains and rugged boulder and rock-lined banks.

The river and surrounding areas provide a wide variety of recreational experiences. Visitors may enjoy car camping or driving along the river, hiking the 40 mile Rogue River National Recreation Trail, rafting through wild rapids, or enjoying a trip down calmer water. Visitors may experience the river as a private, self-guided group or as passengers of a fully outfitted commercially guided trip.

Unique among boating experiences, groups may float from lodge to lodge in sections of the Rogue or camp along the banks for the full wilderness experience. For the wild section, the most remote and challenging whitewater, competitively allocated float permits are required from May 15 to October 15.

Artist in Residence

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