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Fort Ord National Monument

Why a National Monument?

Fort Ord National Monument, photo by B.Wick BLM

What is a National Monument?
National Monuments are designated to protect objects of scientific and historic interest by public proclamation by the President of the United States as authorized by the Antiquities Act of 1906. Monuments are also created by Congress through legislation. Historic landmarks, historic or prehistoric structures, or other objects of historic or scientific interest on public lands may warrant designation as a monument.

Why Fort Ord as a National Monument?
The Fort Ord National Monument holds some of the last undeveloped natural wildlands on the Monterey Peninsula. The area plays a vital part in the protection of rare species of plants and animals. Many of the rare plants in the former Fort Ord military base have 50-90% of their worldwide habitat here.

What are the benefits of being a National Monument?
The primary benefit of National Monument status is to ensure continued protection of Fort Ord's unique natural and cultural resources. Increased management also allows BLM to provide better visitor services. This national designation attracts the attention of not only the visiting public, but also federal and state agencies, private organizations, and schools and universities interested in environmental education or research opportunities. Further research will enhance our understanding of listed and other species, aiding in appropriate management of the area as a whole. Due to the unusually high number of sensitive species, there is much to be learned within the Fort Ord National Monument, and this information can ultimately be applied in other areas. The designation as a national monument elevates this unique natural area into a national system designed to identify and protect such values.

National Landscape Conservation System information about National Monuments in California


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