Campbell Creek Science Center Flyway Exhibit Wall 1 showing bird migration

The AK Flyway Exhibit

Each summer nearly 5 billion birds migrate to Alaska, traveling from around the world via highways in the sky, called flyways. In honor of these returning birds, The Campbell Creek Science Center debuted a new exhibit in June of 2019 called The AK Flyway.

The AK Flyway explains the reasons for large bird migrations to Alaska and highlights the journey of six migrants who fly from six different continents each summer. Imagine flying over large oceans and across continents. What challenges would you face? How would you survive?

Interact with the exhibit by comparing your own wingspan to that of a returning migratory bird. As you stretch your “wings,” think about what it would be like to fly. Where would you go? What would you like to see from a bird’s perspective?

For the month of May, Campbell Creek Science Center celebrated returning birds in a month-long series of birding events. Over 250 participants joined in weekly morning bird walks, attended lectures, and brought their families to a toddler themed bird program. The month concluded with an open house and grand opening of The AK Flyway.

This was replaced by a new exhibit in Fall 2020. 

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Bird migration map wall   Wingspan wall  Biologist bird banding wall

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Girl in front of AK Flyway map wall  Boy in from of AK Flyway map  Staff showing a group of students the exhibit  AK Flyway whiteboard  Staff pointing to wingspan graphic with a group of students  Father and son enjoying the Stretch your wings wall comparing their arm span to bird wingspan graphic  Staff pointing out birds put in trees to a visitor