People walking into the Campbell Creek Science Center Building

Campbell Creek Science Center

The BLM Campbell Creek Science Center encourages interest and participation in the balanced management of natural resources for people of all ages.

We provide educational opportunities for adults, children, and families as well as meeting space for various groups. The Center offers students of all ages the chance to learn in the outdoor classroom. Visitors have access to creeks, forests, meadows, and a rich abundance of plants and wildlife. Our programs promote awareness, understanding, stewardship, and an appreciation for the natural environment. 

The Campbell Creek Science Center is located in the heart of Anchorage on the BLM Campbell Tract. We have something for everyone. So plan a visit and discover the wonder in your own backyard!


Summer hours: The BLM Campbell Creek Science Center is open Monday-Friday from 7:30am-5:30pm.

Winter hours: The BLM Campbell Creek Science Center is open Monday-Friday from 7:30am-4pm.

The Science Center Gate is open 7am-6pm Monday-Friday unless posted otherwise at gate.
Gate hours are extended for Evening and Special weekend events. 

Directions to BLM Campbell Creek Science Center

Address: 5600 Science Center Drive Anchorage, AK 99507

Phone Number: (907) 267-1247

  • Get onto Elmore Road from Tudor, Dowling, 68th, or Abbott.
  • Just south of the Elmore/68th Ave. stoplight, go east onto BLM Road near the large brown sign saying “Campbell Tract.”
  • Travel 50 yards to a “Y” in the road and go left onto Science Center Drive, following the large brown “Campbell Creek Science Center” sign.
  • Travel ¾ mile on Science Center Drive to the large CCSC parking lot at the end of the road. Please park here.
  • Follow the paved path lined with fish near the large brown CCSC sign around to the front of the CCSC building and you’ve arrived! Welcome!


Map of the location of the Campbell Creek Science Center

Come prepared!

Be there wind, rain, sunshine, or snow…we WILL be outside! In winter, it’s not unusual for Campbell Tract to be 10 degrees colder than the official Anchorage temperature. As a result, coming dressed in the appropriate attire will serve to enhance your personal comfort as well as your overall experience. If at all possible, do not wear cotton clothing. When wet, cotton will not keep you warm. Instead, wear wool or synthetics (fleece or polypropylene). These materials wick water away from your skin and keep you dryer and more comfortable than cotton.

Cold Weather:

  • long underwear; tops & bottoms (recommended)
  • warm shirt
  • heavy sweater
  • warm socks
  • snow pants
  • warm winter coat
  • warm hat
  • warm gloves or mittens
  • face mask or scarf
  • insulated boots
  • optional: hand warmers

Warmer Seasons:

  • long sleeve shirt
  • waterproof or resistant shoes or boots  (suitable for hiking)
  • rain gear, tops & bottoms
  • optional: sunscreen & hat to shield sun

5600 Science Center Drive
Anchorage, AK 99507
Nancy Patterson
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