A Year in the Boreal Forest

Virtual tour of the exhibit walls.

Circling the northern portion of the globe is a land of scenic beauty and climatic extremes. The Campbell Creek Science Center’s newest exhibit, A Year in the Boreal Forest, takes you on a seasonal journey through this region’s harsh conditions. Debuting in the fall of 2020, this exhibit explains how plants and animals living in the boreal forest are adapted for survival.

Featuring stunning photography and design, the exhibit wraps the entire hallway from the foyer to the classroom, and back. As you explore this exhibit, ask yourself these questions: How do you mark the passing of the seasons? How do you survive long winters? What do you wonder about the Boreal Forest?

Your journey begins under the northern lights with the reason for the seasons: the tilt of Earth’s axis. As you make your way through the exhibit, the days become longer, and the forest comes alive. The return of migratory birds, buzzing insects, and blooming flowers signal the beginning of summer.

Gradually the days become shorter and the nights become longer. Bountiful berries and mushrooms fill the forest floor and warn of colder days ahead. The Fall Wall explores how animals harvest and prepare for winter by taking advantage of the fall bounty.

Eventually, you will make your way back to winter, the longest season in the Boreal Forest. Long nights, frigid temperatures, and layers of snow test the survival of any year-round resident. Explore different adaptations such as large paws, subnivean nests, and how color-changing fur can protect them from the elements.

Gradually the sun begins to rise, the days brighten, and spring has arrived. This marks the end of winter and the survival of a year in the boreal forest.

Wall Murals

Boreal Forest Winter Wall Mural
Introductory (Aurora) Wall Mural




Summer Boreal Forest Wall Mural
Summer Boreal Forest Wall Mural




Fall Boreal Forest Wall Mural
Fall Boreal Forest Wall Mural
Winter Boreal Forest Wall Mural
Winter and Spring Boreal Forest Wall Mural