A group of people stroll the beach near the Fleener Creek estuary.
Members of the Northern California District Resource Advisory Council stroll the beach near the Fleener Creek estuary at the Lost Coast Headlands area west of  Ferndale. (Jeff Fontana/BLM)

The Bureau of Land Management's Northern California Resource Advisory Council (RAC) is composed of citizens chosen for their expertise in natural resource issues.  These citizens help the Bureau carry out its stewardship public lands in Northern California.  

The Northern California RAC comprises of 15 members representing a balance of public land resources and users in the following categories: conservationists, ranchers, outdoor recreationists, state and local government officials, Tribal officials, and academics. The diverse membership of each RAC helps ensure that BLM land managers get the varying perspectives they need to achieve their mission, which is to manage the public lands for multiple uses.

The Northern California District RAC works with managers of the BLM's field offices in Susanville, Alturas, Arcata and Redding.

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April 26, 2017
Redding, California