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Congressional Designation
Created:  March 1, 1999
Size:  7,472 acres of public land

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Salmon Pass Guided Hikes will re-open May, 2024 

Salmon Pass Guided Hikes: (closed for the season)

Visitors must make reservations before participating in a guided hike.  Outside of pre-scheduled tours, hikes may be requested for another day or time, but are subject to staff availability. For more information email BLM_CA_Web_HW@blm.gov

The hikes normally begin at Newburg Park in Fortuna, however, please RSVP for the correct time. The entire hike is about 2 1/2 hours.

 Reservations are Required       

 If you have any issues making online reservations you may call the Arcata Field Office at 707-825-2300.

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Headwaters Forest Reserve

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Headwaters Forest Reserve
Phone: 707-825-2300 
Email: BLM_CA_Web_HW@blm.gov

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