California Conservation Corps members doing trailwork on the Little South Fork Elk River Trail at the Headwaters Forest Reserve. Photo by BLM

Headwaters Forest Reserve Partnership

Partnerships are critical to the successful management of Headwaters Forest Reserve. In addition to professional partnerships, there are several informal partners and stewards that assist in the management of Headwaters Forest Reserve

  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife has a conservation easement, and a management plan for Headwaters. The California state easement gives the state oversight responsibility to ensure "all human activities with the Headwaters Forest shall be consistent with the stated goals and purposes..." The California Department of Fish and Wildlife represents the state's interest.
  • Pacific Coast Fish, Wildlife and Wetlands Restoration Association (PCFWRA) in cooperation with BLM staff, implements road removal and erosion control projects in the Headwaters Forest Reserve.
  • California Conservation Corps assists in on-going efforts to maintain trails, remove invasive weed infestations and improve salmon habitat in the Headwaters Forest Reserve.
  • California State Parks partners in encouraging youth that outdoors is cool. Using diverse media to reach youth ages K-12 and encourage them to explore public lands in their backyard.
  • Eureka Court and Community School and East High Fortuna participate in service learning projects such as native flora plantings and assisting in rebuilding historic structures. Service Learning is a project developed by the BLM where students gain experience contributing and putting forth effort into our school and community.
  • AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards Project and AmeriCorps Youth Serve assist management staff with both salmon habitat restoration and youth service learning projects.
  • Humboldt State University assists management staff in achieving their management goals which includes continued research on redwood forest ecology.

If you are interested in volunteering with the BLM in Headwaters, please contact us at

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Congressional Designation
Created:  March 1, 1999
Size:  7,472 acres of public land

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