Landscape view of Red Cloud Peak, Colorado, photo by Bob Wick, BLM

What We Do

The BLM’s National Operations Center in Denver, Colorado, provides operational and technical program support to BLM employees and collaborators our stakeholders. 

The Center’s more than 500 employees and 100 contractors contribute to the overall BLM mission by supporting human resources, information technology, geospatial services, finance, and acquisition. These services are delivered through four divisions (or business lines):

  • Division of Business Services manages a portfolio of departmental and bureau-level business services in support of the BLM with five major product lines, which include financial services, accounting operations, national property and support, acquisition, and engineering services.
  • Division of Human Resources Services (DHRS) provides bureau-wide operational support through four product lines: staffing, classification, processing, and security operations. The DHRS and the BLM National Office closely coordinate policy development and operational support to move the BLM forward in implementing improved human resources products and services for BLM employees.
  • Division of Information Resource Management supports the BLM's mission by providing collaborative technical leadership, guidance, engineering, and enterprise administration of BLM information technology infrastructure to BLM states, field offices, national centers and national office. The division emphasizes the application of information technology to meet specific business processes to improve public service, enhance employee productivity, and improve data quality. The division’s commitment is to support the BLM with superior information systems and processes that help serve customers better.
  • Division of Resource Services (DRS) provides a technical interface between national policy and field operations through scientific and specialized products, resource data stewardship, and technical program support. The DRS supports the BLM’s mission by collaborating with the national office, states and field offices to develop and deploy high-quality, integrated resource services and national program operations, maximizing efficiencies and organizational capacity. The nature of the work is categorized into two product lines: integrated services and program operations.

The NOC’s services support field operations, focus on national-level solutions, and continually provide sound, technical expertise throughout the BLM.

Unconstrained by administrative and geographic boundaries, the NOC plays a key role to provide technical support and information necessary for the BLM to manage across broad landscapes. Whether talking about improved business functions, human capital management, information technology advances, or rapidly changing needs to improve science integration to better inform decisions, the NOC is standing by to assist BLM employees in gaining more mobility and greater flexibility to work where needed in the best interest of land stewardship and community partnerships.