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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Geospatial Business Platform Hub is a website which serves as a centralized location to explore, view, and download BLM's geospatial data. Hub can be used for keyword or geographic search of BLM data, to browse BLM geospatial resources by location or subject category, or simply to explore BLM’s featured content. BLM locations share information with the public and provide narratives about their content and programs. Data is available at the national and state levels, as well as through BLM’s landscape initiatives.

Hub combines data and visualization technology. Through Hub, digital data is accessible in a variety of formats from simple interactive maps and applications to downloads and services for advanced geospatial users (downloads are available in formats such as CSV, KML, Shapefile, File Geodatabase, GeoJSON, and GeoServices).

BLM’s Hub launched in 2022 and replaces other prior geospatial data systems including Navigator and the Landscape Approach Data Portal (LADP), consolidating these resources into a one-stop shop for all your geospatial needs.