Floating the Gulkana Wild and Scenic river. Rafter holds up moblie device with georeferenced PDF map displayed with location dot showing where they are on the river.

Geospatial Management

The Bureau of Land Management Alaska geospatial program manages a broad spectrum of geospatial products in support of the 72 million acres of BLM Managed lands across Alaska. 

DATA  Geospatial data holdings include nationally published datasets to support planning and resource management and state specific lands datasets unique to Alaska. 

MAPPING  Mapping products include our geo-referenced Digital Public Information Map and Subsistence Hunting PDF Map series to support the public’s mapping needs for recreating and hunting. 

IMAGERY  The geospatial program recently partnered with USGS to digitally scan historical imagery collected over the last 50 years and publishing these historically relevant images to USGS’s Earth Explorer

BLM Alaska's public GIS data holdings can be downloaded or accessed through web services with the links organized by category below. Please note that the published GIS datasets may not represent the entirety of BLM Alaska's geospatial data and additional dataset may be added.

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Energy and Minerals



National Conservation Lands


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Geospatial Manager
Catherine Hillis

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