Table Rocks Curriculum

We sincerely hope this curriculum assists you in preparing your students for their hike on the Table Rocks. We also hope you were able to use it as an effective pre- or post-hike teaching tool. The development of this curriculum has taken years to complete. Our aim is to provide a curriculum that is user friendly, meets state school standards, and provides interactive, fun activities for students and teachers alike.

The mission of the Table Rocks Environmental Education Program is to increase public awareness, appreciation, and respect for the health, diversity, and productivity of our public lands for generations to come through environmental education. Each lesson was designed to foster a better awareness and understanding of the unique Table Rock ecosystems, and a deeper appreciation for our local natural and cultural resources.

Our goals are to get young people outside, to create a better awareness and understanding of the unique Table Rock ecosystems, and a deepened appreciation for our nation’s natural and cultural resources, and to educate the public about the Bureau of Land Management’s role in managing our public land.


Activity Sheets

Champion Weed Seeds

Plant ID

Ecology and Fire Ecology


Habitat Pen Pals

Fire Ecology




Las Partes Increíbles de las Hierbas

Semillas Campeonas

Identificación de Plantas

Hojas de Actividades

Curigrama Actividades

Libro de Colorear


Amigos de hábitat por correspondencia

Ecología de los Incendios




Administración de Tierras Públicas

Las Lagunitas Temporales

Investigadores de las lagunitas Temporales

Vida Silvestre

Amigo con Plumas

Hojas de Actividade Vida Silvestre

Land Management

Coloring Book



Native Americans

Vernal Pools

Activity Sheets

Quick Links

Flickr Albums

Junior Ranger Missions

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