Looking West from the King Range. Photo by Justin R. Robbins (BLM)

King Range Wilderness Permits (Lost Coast) 

Overnight Wilderness Permits:

The Bureau of Land Management requires permits by reservation for overnight use in the King Range Wilderness and Backcountry Management Zone of the King Range National Conservation Area. Visitors can go to www.recreation.gov to book their overnight wilderness permits. Reservations cost $6 per permit.

Commercial & Group Permits: 

All organized groups recreating in the King Range NCA need a BLM Special Recreation Permit. SRPs are intended to provide a fair return to the government for your opportunity to make a profit for using Federal resources. The information below will help you determine what type of permit you will need. Group sizes are no more than 15 persons. Please note that any fees you pay will go directly back to the King Range NCA to maintain trails and facilities, and to provide other visitor services in support of the area.

Completed Permit applications may be requested and submitted between October 1 and January 31 each year.  Call the King Range Visitor Center to request an application (707) 986-5415.  Applications will be processed in the order received.  Please plan accordingly. 

SRP season for backcountry trips runs April 1st through October 14th each year.  In addition, no Commercial or Organized Group Permits will be issued for Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Labor Day weekends due to heavy holiday use and congestion at campsites.  Shuttle permits may run year-round.

Commercial Permit: Under BLM policy, if any person, organization, or company makes or attempts to make a profit, salary, increase their business or financial standing, or supports in any part, other programs or activities from amounts rendered to participants, the use will be considered commercial and subject to commercial permit fees. The minimum fee for any commercial group is $130 plus any fees due in excess of the minimum fee are based on a percentage of the adjusted gross revenue derived from use authorized under the SRP. Commercial groups will require proof of insurance. Examples of commercial uses include:

  • Outfitter charges to lead guided hikes along the Lost Coast Trail.
  • Horse packer charges fee to haul supplies/gear into the backcountry.
  • A for-credit University sponsored field trip where tuition is paid by participants and one or more paid instructors accompany the group.
  • A University Outdoor Center takes students on a Spring Break hike, with their fees covering the costs of the trip as well as leader salaries and some of the operation expenses of the Center.
  • A non-profit organization sponsors a hiking trip for a fundraising effort, or to help sponsor other programs.

Organized Group Permit: A permit is required with a minimum $130 permit fee plus any fees due more than the minimum fees are based on the total number of person/days derived from use authorized under the SRP ($7 per person, per day). No insurance is required for certain organized groups. Examples include:

  • An organized group (i.e. Boy Scouts or local Sierra Club) trip where charges are limited to sharing of group expenses. No paid staff accompany the group, and fees do not offset other costs of running the organization.

No Special Permit Required: Individual or family use, as well as non-organized group use does not require a special recreation permit. Groups are considered non-organized when no formal advertising of the trip occurs, no fees are charged, and the group is not affiliated with any established organization. Examples include:

  • If a group of 10 college friends set up a reunion hike along the Lost Coast Trail and pitched in to cover food expenses, they would be considered non-organized
  • If the hike was officially sanctioned by their fraternity and published in the annual newsletter, they would need an Organized Group permit
  • If the fraternity trip required a donation to fund a college charity, they would be considered commercial and required to obtain a Commercial Permit

NOTE: If you have any questions as to your group's status, or to request an SRP application packet, please contact the King Range Project Office at 707-986-5400.

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