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BLM Alaska Stewardship Contracting

Forest Stewardship Projects provide the opportunity to exchange the value of forest resources for services.  These are typically longer term projects and may be up to ten years in duration.  This provides for a long term benefit to both the public lands and the cooperating entity.  Typically in Alaska these are Stewardship Service contracts where the cooperators provide services to match the forest resource values and pay no fees for the forest resources removed. They are open to other agencies, non- profit and for profit entities. There is a considerable lead time required for these projects since the acreage and duration are substantially greater than our typical small timber sales. Bonding is required for Stewardship projects.

Featured Project

Kenai Peninsula was invaded by spruce bark beetles in about 2000.  This stewardship project was design to remove and utilize as much of the dead material around community of Kenai as possible to create a fuel break.  The project was put out for bids and awarded to a local contractor.  Much of the unmerchantable wood was removed by local residents for firewood with the more sound logs going to a local sawmill.

general view of trees on Keani Peninsula
Trees at Keani Peninsula. Photo by Eric Geisler
Fuel buffer on north edge
Photo by Eric Geisler
Residents loading up cut logs into vehicles
Residents loading up cut logs into vehicles. Photo by Eric Geisler