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Unitization, Communitization, Spacing, and Drainage  

Unitization (Exploratory and Secondary): Unitization provides for the exploration and development of an entire geologic structure or area by a single operator so that drilling and production may proceed in the most efficient and economic manner.

Communitization (Pooling): Provides guidelines for submitting communitization agreements. Information on communitization in Montana and the Dakotas

Gas Storage Agreements: Provides guidelines for submitting gas storage agreements. 

Unleased Federal Lands Within a Spacing Unit: Frequently asked questions.

Drainage of Federal and Indian Resources: Provides guidelines for the protection and loss of oil and gas resources resulting from drainage.

Spacing Orders on Indian Lands: Oil and Gas Spacing Orders approved by the Bureau of Land Management on Indian lands.

Spacing Orders on Private (Fee), State, and Federal Wells: For spacing orders issued by the state oil and gas regulatory agencies on private (fee), state, and federal wells in the Montana/Dakotas. 

  • Montana - Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation
  • North Dakota - North Dakota Industrial Commission
  • South Dakota - South Dakota Board of Minerals and Environment

The BLM has regulations that govern the protection of federal and Indian lands from drainage.  They can be found at 43 CFR  3160.

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Regional Information

For information on communitization in Montana and the Dakotas, please click here.