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Communitization in Montana and the Dakotas

Communitization provides for the pooling of federal and/or Indian lands, with other lands, when separate tracts under such federal and Indian lands cannot be independently developed and operated in conformity with an established well-spacing program.

Please mail all completed North Dakota and South Dakota Federal and any additional information pertaining to CAs to the personnel and address below. We can accept corrections or additional information via email but all the original, notarized signed documents must be received by mail.

Bureau of Land Management
North Dakota Field Office
99 23rd Avenue West, Suite A
Dickinson, ND 58601

Please mail completed Indians CAs involving Fort Berthold minerals to:

Bureau of Indian Affairs
Fort Berthold Agency
202 Main Street
PO Box 370
Newtown, North Dakota 58763

Please mail completed Indian CAs involving Turtle Mountain minerals to: 

Bureau of Indian Affairs
Turtle Mountain Agency
BIA Road #7
PO Box 60
Belcourt, North Dakota 58316

Communitization Forms

 North Dakota & South Dakota Federal CA Contracts:

North Dakota Indian CA Contracts:

Designation of Successor of Operator form

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Point of Contact Information

All Montana Federal and Indian CAs are processed by:

Miles City Field Office (MCFO)
Jackie Anderson: (406) 233-3641

Great Falls Oil & Gas Field Office (GFFO):
Dale Manchester: (406) 791-7789

North Dakota Field Office (NDFO):

Federal CAs:

Bernice Havelka: (701) 227-7704
Mary Ramsey: (701) 227-7761
Rachael Steiner: (701) 227-7756 

Indian CAs:

Elizabeth Berndt: (701) 627-6523