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Rents and Other Fees

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For all solar and wind energy facilities on public lands, the BLM requires payment in advance for the use of the public lands.  Payment in advance includes an acreage rent that is required prior to the issuance of a grant or lease, and a megawatt (MW) capacity fee which is required prior to the start of energy generation.  Both the acreage rent and MW capacity fee are paid in advance annually during the term of the grant or lease, in accordance with regulations and guidance. Download a rent schedule.

Payments may also include bids, which are received through a competitive process where developers may compete for a solar or wind energy parcel.  Bids are anticipated to be received less frequently than acreage rent and MW capacity fees as they are only received during a competitive process.  The acreage rent and MW capacity fee, plus any bonus bids that the BLM receives, ensure that the BLM obtains fair market value for the public lands.