Lincoln County Archaeological Initiative

The Bureau of Land Management administers the Lincoln County Archaeological Initiative to support archaeological projects in Lincoln County and to carry out the archaeological provisions of the Lincoln County Land Act of 2000 Public Law 106-298 and the Lincoln County Conservation, Recreation, Development Act of 2004 Public Law 108-424. Administration of this initiative is outlined in the Lincoln County Land Act/Lincoln County Conservation, Recreation and Development Act Implementation Agreement.

The BLM Ely District and other federal, state and local partners established the Lincoln County Archaeological Initiative to allocate funding for approved projects.


Each year , the BLM seeks public input and establishes funding priorities for archaeological projects in Lincoln County.

Project nominations are solicited annually. Projects are submitted in accordance with specified priorities that are determined annually. Proponents submit proposals to the BLM as a package that includes a narrative describing the project and addressing the archaeological resources funding criteria guidance, and a cost and milestone worksheet.

The Archaeological Resources Team screens and prioritizes the proposals for funding. The team consists of specialists representing federal, state and local agencies, and Tribal governments.  

The Archaeological Resources Team forwards the ranked proposals to the Partner’s Working Group. The Partner’s Working Group develops and forwards a preliminary recommendation to the Executive Committee, which forwards it to the BLM Nevada State Director. The State Director reviews and considers the recommendation. 


Robert "Jake" Hickerson