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Beginning June 18, 2021, the Bureau of Land Management will implement fire restrictions to prevent losses from human-caused wildfires brought on by extreme drought, high fire danger conditions and the increased use of public lands in Carbon, Daggett, Duchesne, Emery and Uintah counties. The BLM fire prevention order that outlines the fire restrictions can be found here. Fire restrictions for this office and other BLM Utah offices and interagency partners are available at Restrictions of specific activities will remain in place until human caused fires and fire dangers decrease.


The Vernal Field Office (VFO) is located in the northeast corner of Utah and administers lands within Daggett, Duchesne and Uintah Counties, plus a small portion of Grand County. The area includes the south slope of the Uinta Mountains, the Uinta Basin, and the Book Cliffs region.  The Uintah Mountains is one of the few mountain ranges which lie in an east-west orientation.

The primary economy throughout the VFO is based on extracting natural resources, including petroleum, natural gas, phosphate and uintaite (more commonly known as Gilsonite).  Tourism also plays a role in the basin’s economy due to the areas historic folklore and the Flaming Gorge Recreation Area. Throughout the public lands of the VFO, hiking, biking, camping, hunting and fishing opportunities are abundant. Sites that should be seen include Nine Mile Canyon, Fantasy Canyon and Dry Fork Canyon. The mountain bike trails on the public lands surrounding Vernal is in the Top 20 BLM Mountain Bike destinations according to MTB Project


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Field Manager
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