BLM Utah participates in the 19th Annual Ride on Utah Big Ride 2024


With 75 miles of backcountry roads to travel in off-highway vehicles, you have plenty of time to reflect and listen. Like the story of how Acting Green River District Manager Elijah Waters grew to love exploring the backcountry. 

Acting Green River DM Elijah Waters April 2024 sitting in a BLM OHV.

“I grew up in a rural area.  We started out on dirt bikes and had one of the very first balloon-tired three-wheelers,” said Waters. “It just kind of evolved from there for me and became a hobby which has lately become more of a necessity. I use them as a tool to get to places.  They are useful in my professional position to get out and see more of the district.” 

BLM Utah participated in the first day of the 19th Annual Ride on Utah Big Ride 2024 on April 10, 2024 in Green River, Utah. Jaydon Mead, Price Field Office Outdoor Recreation Planner provided a discussion on travel management plans and how to submit substantive comments during lunch the first day. 

A caravan of OHV and ATV recreationist in the San Rafael Swell.

 Mead supplied a brief history of why there is currently a travel management plan (TMP) for the San Rafael Swell Recreation Area and what the current litigation settlement outlines for the TMP. The presentation provided a lively discussion among the participants and Mead. 

“The settlement agreement outlined the boundaries for this planning effort and directed us to take another harder look at the route designations in this area,” said Mead. “In addition to our normal travel management planning process, it also required the BLM to do additional steps such as completing baseline monitoring reports, updating cultural resource inventories, and even requires us to have at least one alternative that closes all routes that we determined may cause damage to Lands with Wilderness Characteristics.”  

A person presenting a discussion outside by a group of OHVs on the landscape.

Those in attendance took the opportunity to voice their concerns and critiques of the TMP, while also engaging Mead for clarity on some of the finer points of the plan as it pertains to the off-roading community. 

He further explained, “The court settlement is one reason why we are doing this, but more importantly this planning effort will help us make better decisions and improvements to our current travel plan. We are striving to find a good balance between providing improved public motorized route access while still protecting the special resources we have in this area!” 

The first day of this event saw riders travel 75 miles of designated routes on BLM and state lands. Additional photos of the day’s event can be found on BLM Utah’s Flickr at BLM Utah participates in the 19th Annual Ride on Utah Big Ride 2024 | Flickr

The Big Ride is an event held each year at different locations across Utah for the off-roading community hosted by several OHV and ATV clubs. They take this opportunity get together and experience and learn the history of different areas across the state. 

For information on how to submit a substantive comment, visit: BLM Utah_How to make a Substantive Comment_Paria River District

A caravan of OHVs and ATVs on a rocky hillside switchback.

Authored by: Jeremy T. Dyer, BLM Utah Public Affairs Specialist

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