2020 Campbell Creek Science Center Poster

Front side of Campbell Creek Science Center poster. Featured animal is caribou.

Backside of 2020 Campbell Creek Science Center Poster with lots of caribou facts

Caribou (Rangifer tarandus)

Its hooves clattering against the steep rocky slope, a caribou crests the ridgeline and gets its first look at the rolling tundra beyond. Behind it, the rest of the herd follows. Some animals plod up the slope, others ford the river, and still more make their way across the far hill and down to the water.

Caribou are adapted to life in the far north. Their large concave hooves give them sure footing on rock, snow, and soft ground alike. Hollow, multilayered hair keeps them warm and dry. Many migrate long distances to find food and reach calving grounds. Their movements shape Alaska and the lives of the people around them.

To find out more about caribous in Alaska, visit ADF&G's Caribou Species Profile.

Photo Credit: Peter Mather (front)

The poster will be available starting December 18 at the Campbell Creek Science Center and at the BLM Anchorage Public Information Room at 222 W. 7th Ave.