The winter sun shining through a birch forest highlights the tranquility of the setting of the Campbell Creek Science Center.

 Facility Rental

The 10,500-square foot facility houses a classroom, multipurpose room, and kitchen in a retreat-like setting surrounded by quiet forests, a rippling creek, and a network of multiple-use trails on the 730-acre Campbell Tract in the heart of Anchorage.

The Science Center is available for rental by schools as well as non-profit, government, and commercial organizations for programs and events that focus on scientific and environmental topics, education, natural resources, outdoor recreation, or health and human services. Reservations are required and fees are charged to help defray operating costs. The Science Center is a fully accessible facility and is available for full day, half day, evening, and weekend rentals.

All rentals include the use of tables and chairs. Large rectangular and circular tables are available as well as a few smaller square tables. Also included are coffee and/or hot water pots and audio/visual equipment (i.e., LCD and slide projectors, a TV/VCR/DVD unit, a CD player, dry erase boards, and flipcharts and easels). Laptop computers are not available to rental customers. Renters are responsible for room set up and clean up. No food is provided. Alcoholic beverages may not be served.

If you would like to check out our rental spaces & equipment in advance please call 267-1241 to set up an appointment.

Facility Rental Rates

Entire Building Rental Rates

The 10,500-square foot facility houses a classroom, multipurpose room, and kitchen.

Entire Building Rental Rates
M-F:    ½ Day or Evening……..$780 (up to 4 hours)
           Full Day…………….……….$1460 (up to 8 hours)

Sa/Su: ½ Day or Evening……..$1100  (up to 4 hours)
           Full Day……………….…….$2160 (up to 8 hours)

Multipurpose Room Rental Rates

The Multipurpose Room is 1,300 square feet and can comfortably accommodate a maximum of 120 guests (theater–style) or 80 guests seated at tables. This space is filled with light due to the many large windows, has gorgeous mountain views, and has a cozy gas fireplace. This room is equipped with a sound system, LCD projector, and projection screen.

East facing view with gas fireplace on south wall. Multi-purpose room of the Campbell Creek Science CenterMultipurpose Room Rental Rates (120, 80 w/ tables)

M-F:   ½ Day or Evening: $420 (up to 4 hours)
           Full Day: $825 (up to 8 hours)

Sa/Su: ½ Day or Evening: $605 (up to 4 hours)
           Full Day: $1120  (up to 8 hours)

Classroom Rental Rates

The Classroom is 800 square feet and can accommodate 40 guests (theater-style) or 25 guests seated at tables. There is a blackboard and projection screen as well as spacious counter space. A small greenhouse filled with plants adjoins the Classroom.

classroom at Campbell Creek science center with chairs and tables set upClassroom Rental Rates (40, 25 w/ tables)

M-F:   ½ Day or Evening: $230 (up to 4 hours)
           Full Day: $420 (up to 8 hours)

Sa/Su: ½ Day or Evening: $420 (up to 4 hours)
            Full Day: $780  (up to 8 hours)

Kitchen Rental Rates

The kitchen is available for an additional charge to groups that are renting another room for programs, meetings, or events. The kitchen includes regular and convection ovens, stove top and grill, cafeteria-style serving line with warming trays, silverware and dishes, cooking utensils, industrial dishwasher, spacious freezer and refrigerator, several deep sinks, and plenty of counter space. Renters are responsible for kitchen clean up.

Kitchen cooking and serving area with stove and oven.Kitchen Rental Rates
M-F:   ½ Day or Evening: $130 
           Full Day: $205

Sa/Su: ½ Day or Evening: $130           
            Full Day: $205

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How to Register for a Facility Rental

Call (907) 267-1241 with the following information:

  • Your organization name
  • Contact person for confirmation materials
  • Address, phone, and fax number
  • Room choice, time, and date including time for set-up and clean-up
  • Anticipated number of participants
  • List of equipment your group will need

Add a Program to Your Rental

Ice Breakers
Let our staff “break the ice” at the beginning of your meeting or training. Participants will warm up to each other with these fun, energetic activities. Call to confirm fees and check instructor availability.

  • Rate: Ice Breaker (30 min): $55

Meeting Energizer
Looking for an energetic break during your meeting or training? Give us a call to plan a short nature hike, snowshoe adventure, team-building activity, or other option to meet your needs. Call to check on fees and instructor availability.

Program Rates

  • 1 hour: $5.50/person
  • 2 hours: $11/person
  • 3 hours: $16.50/person
  • 4 hours: $22/person
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