Affirmative Employment and Diversity Management Programs

The Office of Civil Rights fosters a work environmental free of discrimination through Affirmative Employment, Diversity Management, and Outreach Programs.  The programs include:

  • Workforce analysis to identify barriers to equal employment opportunity, and
  • Special emphasis programs and commemorative events that recognize the contributions of minorities, women, and persons with disabilities.

BLM Special Observances

  • ​January 15 - ​Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday​​
  • February - ​Black History Month
  • March - ​Women’s History Month
  • April - ​Holocaust Remembrance
  • May - ​Asian / Pacific Islander Heritage Month
  • June - ​LGBTQ Pride Month
  • August 26 - ​Women’s Equality Day
  • August - ​Department of the Interior’s Diversity Day
  • ​September 15th – October 15th - ​Hispanic Heritage Month
  • October - ​Disability Awareness Month
  • November - ​Native American Heritage Month