Wildland Firefighters Tune Up & Polish Skills in Fire Engine Operator Training Workshop

In partnership with the Unified Fire Authority and Utah National Guard, firefighters attended the interagency fire engine operator training workshop on May 25.

Sea Squirt Invades BLM Submerged Lands in Southeast Alaska

An invasive marine invertebrate known as “marine vomit,” that can smother native species has been found within Whiting Harbor in Sitka. This non-native carpet sea squirt, Didemnum vexillum, (D. vex) is thought to be native to Japan. It was first detected in Whiting Harbor in 2010 as a result of a citizen-science-marine invasive species bioblitz. Tammy Davis, Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), invasive species program lead, was concerned along with other stakeholders including local Sitkans and those who work in the marine invasive species world, about the discovery and potential growth and spread of D. vex in Whiting Harbor.

Keeping Seeds Native in Alaska

While BLM Alaska’s Seeds of Success works with several others to collect and promote the use of native seeds, a big helping hand comes from interns from the Chicago Botanical Garden Conservation Land Management Intern program.

A sagebrush sea change from behind barbed wire

For some Americans, sagebrush is so ubiquitous it is forgotten — always in the background of the classic Westerns but somehow never looked at. Until now. Millions of acres of sagebrush land, managed mostly by the federal government because nobody else originally wanted it, have become a target for the largest, most ambitious habitat conservation effort in American history.

Sage-grouse Conservation Group Working Hard in Northeast California

The announcement that the greater sage-grouse will not be listed as threatened or endangered was welcome news for a northeast California team hard at work on the species, but it will not slow down their ongoing work to find collaborative approaches to conserving the sagebrush sea.

BLM Law Enforcement Cases: Public tip leads to arrest of suspect who started Idaho wildfire

On Aug. 20, 2011, a human-caused wildland fire started on BLM- managed public lands near Emmett, Idaho. BLM fire investigators were able to locate the origin of the fire, but they were unable to determine a specific cause of the fire. The case was closed because there were no suspects identified.

Good Neighbors: BLM law enforcement rangers serve local communities

Special agents working a fire case on BLM- managed public lands intercepted and arrested four subjects carrying backpacks with marijuana.  On processing the narcotics load, agents discovered this was the first known high grade hydroponic marijuana load seizure in the area.

A cry in the wilderness: Montana BLM rangers help search for lost infant

The search team faced nearly impossible odds that chilly night: find a baby, no bigger than a football, abandoned in a dense Montana forest the size of 600,000 football fields.

BLM ranger lends a helping hand

A Bureau of Land Management law enforcement ranger recently lent a much-needed helping hand to another federal agency while on duty along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Kirk Gittings presents Canyons of the Ancients in a new context

Albuquerque photographer Kirk Gittings, Canyons of the Ancients’ first Artist-in- Residence, focused heavily on the mythological qualities of the dramatic and unique landscape. His primary  tool was a large-format 4x5-inch view camera, which demands a slow and deliberate approach to the craft.

Volunteer Trail Patrols Improve Equestrian Mountain Biking Experiences

A volunteer patrol is making sure horse-riders and mountain bikers get the most out of trails in the San Joaquin River Gorge.

The patrol, called the San Joaquin River Gorge Volunteer Trail Patrol, regularly rides trails in the area and is known for its strong interaction with visitors and for supporting local events. For example, Trail Patrol members have assisted with several competitive races and special events such as the Big Sandy Pro-Am mountain bike race, the San Joaquin River Gorge Ultra Half- Marathon, the Search for Sasquatch Day and the quarterly Family Fun Days.

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