What's the Plan?

Learning which BLM resource management plans (RMPs) are currently in development or undergoing revision just got easier, with the addition of the Interactive Land Use Planning Maps Web Experience to the agency’s online mapping platform and external website. 

a screenshot of the app search page
The app allows users to search RMPs by state, name or the year of Record of Decision.












The app replaces static PDF maps showing similar information at single, broad scales with a dynamic, GIS-driven system that is easier to keep up-to-date and also links directly to current, approved RMPs and related environmental documents in the agency’s ePlanning database. 

a screenshot of the BLM Planning & NEPA webpage link to the app
The app is linked from the Planning & NEPA page on the BLM external website.













Individual users, stakeholder groups and businesses will now be able to determine which RMPs may be in development with opportunities for public involvement and more readily find the approved plan that covers an area where they may be contemplating a use or activity.  The app enables users to display and search on a number of data fields that will be kept current to ensure consistency and transparency at all scales – field office, State and nationally.

Heather Bernier, chief of the BLM Headquarters Division of Decision Support, Planning & NEPA, says the system was designed with public users in mind. “Searching for land use plan information visually using the app is much easier and more user-friendly for everyone, rather than searching the ePlanning database by plan name.”

The app’s interactivity will enhance public involvement and awareness of how the BLM develops RMPs, which is key to achieving the best possible plans and durable management decisions.  

Find the BLM Interactive Land Use Planning Maps Web Experience at https://www.blm.gov/programs/planning-and-nepa/plans-in-development.  The app works best in the Google Chrome and MS Edge browsers.