BLM Alaska Public Rooms: A One-stop shop to your public lands

“And then I spilled it all over the floor!” said Scott Hawkins, a 10-year Fairbanks Public Room veteran, in response to an

Women’s History Month: Paving the Way for Future Generations

The contributions of women are far-reaching and indispensable to our work here at the Bureau of Land Management Utah.

Five Things to Know About the MLRS Fluid Minerals & Geothermal Module

On March 14, 2022, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released the Mineral & Land Records System (MLRS) Fluid Minerals & Geothermal Energy module.

Steele Creek or Steel Creek?

What's up with the extra "e" in Steele? BLM Alaska Archaeologist and Paleontology Lead Robert King did some checking and came across an interesting story that may shed some light.

Something for everyone: The National Conservation Lands Program

Story by Jaime Tompkins, Program Lead for National Conservation Lands, Montana/Dakotas State Office

Podcast: Hot Jobs, North Star Crew is Hiring

Hot jobs! Alaska Fire Service needs you, apply by April 1 to get in on the 2022 fire season.

Black History Month: Black Cowboys on the American Frontier

In honor of Black History Month, employees from the Bureau of Land Management recently tuned in a presentation about “Black Cowboys on the American Frontier.”

All in a day's walk: Sage-grouse in summer

Story by Heather Feeney, BLM Public Affairs Specialist

Garden Island, Michigan

Hello and welcome to the Record of the Week! This week, the team travels to northern Michigan to visit Garden Island!

A year in the life of an Idaho sage-grouse

Story and photos by Sara Morelli, Wildlife Biologist, Salmon Field Office

Native seed collection project lays the groundwork for habitat restoration projects in the Sonoran Desert

Story by Peter DeJongh, Wildlife Biologist; and Kate Miyamoto, Public Affairs Specialist.

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