Flood Safety: Keeping Yourself Safe This Spring

Utah is experiencing record-breaking snowpack levels this year! With the recent storms and melting snow, a flash flood can happen quickly in canyons and other landscapes during this time of year as the weather warms. In desert landscapes, flash floods may happen when precipitation is not soaked into the desert sands. These conditions may become dangerous if you are not prepared.

“The BLM is working closely with state and local agencies to monitor the situation and prepare for any potential flooding,” said BLM Utah State Director Greg Sheehan. “We are committed to protecting the safety of the public, our employees, and the natural resources we manage.”

Utah winter landscape collage.

Know Before You Go

  • BE AWARE: When exploring public lands on your next adventure, please be aware, monitor local weather conditions and have a plan to seek higher ground. 
  • WEATHER CHECK: Check the local weather conditions for the area you plan to visit. Be prepared for changes in weather and stay informed on weather warning alerts. Make sure you have the appropriate gear, food and water.
  • TRAVEL SMART: Remember to secure personal property, stay away from floodwaters, and avoid travel on flooded roads.
  • PLAN AHEAD: So you can avoid vehicles getting stuck or needing to call emergency services. Do not attempt to cross flood waters on foot or in a vehicle.
  • FAST AND HIGH: High water levels and swift currents can maker rivers and streams dangerous. Seek higher ground if you encounter flooding or rain and wait until the water recedes before attempting to hike out. 
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Make sure someone else knows your plan in case there is an emergency, so it is easier for you to get any assistance you may need.
Three flooded landscapes in Utah.

For more information and safety tips, visit our Flash Flood: Tread Safely webpage

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