Planning and NEPA

What's the Plan?

Learning which BLM resource mana

Melinda Bolton

An archaeologist’s spirit drives BLM's Joe Keeney’s inclusive approach to discovering, protecting, and preserving the past

Archaeology work in 2021 is not like movies depict with action, adventure, even knife and gun fights. Back when he was a co

Eric Tausch

No bandwidth, no problem for large NEPA Studies

Those who can’t download our robust environmental studies can now get them in the mail faster and easier on wafer cards that can save taxpayers an average of $5,517.75 per analysis over printing and mailing hard copies.

Eric Tausch

Bureau’s ‘NEPA Register’ makeover is more than skin deep

Make yourself heard faster and easier on BLM land use plans following a major upgrade to the NEPA register. 

James Hart

Podcast: NPR-A: the plan, the planner, the process

The best laid plans don’t happen by accident, and they require some very skilled planners to lay them out.  We sat down with Stephanie Rice recently to go over the planning effort for the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska Integrated Activity Plan and to get a glimpse into what makes Stephanie tick.