White Mountains Trail Conditions Report

Updated Friday, April 22, 2022

Safety First

Visitors to the White Mountains must be prepared for any situation. Practice #KnowBeforeYouGo principles: 

  • share a trip plan (State Troopers form) with family or friends before you head out
  • check the weather (National Weather Service Fairbanks) before you head out
  • check the highway conditions (511.alaska.gov) before you head out
  • download our georeferenced PDF map of the White Mountains (26.0 MB) on your phone for off-grid use
  • bring more water, food, and fuel than you should need for your trip
  • bring a satellite communication device, more than one if possible
  • plan for mechanical breakdowns and weather conditions to deteriorate rapidly
  • if you become stranded, do not separate from your party

Please check back here weekly and follow our Facebook page for regular and emergency updates.

Trails Report 

ATTENTION: Trails are temporarily closed to motorized vehicles to protect saturated trails. 


Due to the extremely saturated trails this spring, the Bureau of Land Management has temporarily closed the Wickersham Creek, Trail Creek, and Quartz Creek trails to all motorized vehicles including off-highway vehicles (OHVs). The trails remain open for hiking and other non-motorized use.


The temporary closure to OHV use is anticipated to last through May or until the trails are sufficiently dry to allow OHV use that will not cause damage to the trails. 


For more information, click here. 

Trail Maps

We've recently updated our georeferenced PDF map of the White Mountains (26.0 MB), which is designed for use on smart phones and tablets. With a free app (see these instructions) the map shows your current location even if cell coverage is not available. You can also use the airdrop feature on Apple products to share the maps with other people while all parties are off grid.

Cabin Reservations and Information

For cabin reservations and permits, visit the Recreation.gov website. Search the site for “White Mountains National Recreation Area”). You can also visit or call the BLM office in Fairbanks (located at 222 University Ave.; appointments required), for help you with online reservations.

For questions on cabin reservations or White Mountains trails and facilities, call us at (907) 474-2200. Cabins must be paid for in advance and the permit carried with you to the cabin. 

Trail shelters are free of charge and used on a first come, first served basis. Cabins may not have firewood stocked for the woodstove; plan to carry some with you or cut some along the way. As a courtesy, replace the firewood that you use. 

Detailed cabin descriptions are available on the Recreation.gov website and at the BLM office in Fairbanks. A map of areas open to motorized vehicle use is also available.