Secure File Transfer Application

Through our Secure File Transfer Application (SFTA), you can share files with a BLM employee, or pick up files from us.  
To view and download public files on this system: 

Please visit  You will need to provide a valid email address to access files. View and download the How to Use BLM’s External SFTA Anonymous File Sharing Site document for information about using this service.

Browse and Download Public Files

In order to share files with the BLM: you must have the BLM employee with whom you wish to share submit a request on your behalf.  

Once you have received your credentials, you will be able to upload files via the BLM Application Secure System (BASS) located at  Your credentials can remain in effect for between 7 days and 540 days, depending on the original share folder set-up by your BLM partner.  BASS passwords must be updated every 60 days.  

Once an account is established, the external partner may upload, download and manage files in the specified temporary folder.

View and download the How to Use BLM’s External SFTA Temporary Account File Sharing document for information about using this service.

Manage Files Shared to BLM