Through the links below, find federal land records from across the country, to include historical documents to current interactive mapping tools.

General Land Office Records 

The BLM General Land Office Records website provides online access to federal land conveyance records for the Public Land States, which are states that were created out of the public domain. The website offers access to images of more than five million federal land title records issued since 1820. The site also has images related to survey plats and field notes dating back to 1810. Check out the GLO Records website.

The GLO Records also includes Master Title Plats (MTP), a mapping of current land status for a specified township. Other plats can be included in the MTP plat group. For example, the oil and gas and the leasable minerals plats add a graphic depiction of the current mineral lease status to the basic MTP depiction of land status. Click here for the MTP link in GLO.

Note that while the collection is extensive, this site does not contain every federal title record issued. For additional records, contact your state or local office.

Alaska Spatial Data Management System

The Alaska Spatial Data Management System (SDMS) is a one-stop tool to view, research, print and download information such as surveyed land parcels, land status, mining claims, and Master Title Plats. Click here to view the SDMS.


LR2000 provides reports on non-Alaska BLM land and mineral use authorizations for rights-of-ways, coal and other mineral development, land and mineral title, withdrawals, classifications, and more on federal lands and mineral estate. This is a text-based system (no online maps). Click here to review LR2000.

Mineral & Land Records System

The Mineral & Land Records System (MLRS) is a new online platform delivering state-of-the-art mineral and land records transactions, tracking, mapping, and more for BLM customers and staff. MLRS will combine many current BLM systems (i.e., LR2000, ALIS, and land status records including Master Title Plats) and manual documentation processes to more intuitively and efficiently manage resources and cases across a range of BLM activities. MLRS is being implemented in phases and is currently available for mining claims, oil & gas, and geothermal cases (except in Alaska). Future releases will support land use authorizations and realty billing; coal and other mineral development; land and mineral title; and withdrawals, classifications, and other actions on Federal lands and mineral estate (including Alaska). Click here for more information on MLRS


Navigator provides a centralized location to discover and access BLM's geospatial data and serves both BLM staff and the general public. Navigator indexes and provides access to geospatial data from project, state and national levels, so everything from small scale projects to national data compilations can be shared internally and externally. Future plans include exposure of more web and map services to allow for direct use and analysis of BLM data. Explore Navigator now.