Mineral & Land Records System (MLRS)

The Mineral & Land Records System (MLRS) is an online platform delivering state-of-the-art mineral and land records transactions, tracking, mapping, and more for BLM customers and staff. MLRS combines many current and legacy BLM systems (i.e., LR2000, Alaska's ACRES / ALIS, and land status records) and manual documentation processes to more intuitively and efficiently manage resources and cases across a range of BLM activities. These include (outside of Alaska) mining claims, fluid minerals, geothermal energy, land tenure, solid minerals, and other case types; as well as (including Alaska) land use authorizations and realty billing. A future release will support the rest of Alaska's case types and processes.  


The MLRS’s newest module is here!

The new module for the Mineral & Land Records System (MLRS) is now live! It incorporates all LR2000 and initial ACRES / ALIS cases (ACRES is the Alaska Case Reporting Enterprise System; ALIS is the Alaska Land Information System).  

Learn more about the latest version of MLRS by reading Seven Things to Know About the Expanded Mineral & Land Records System.

Please note, as of June 26th, 2023, MLRS consolidated the functions of the Communication Sites page (https://csrc.blm.gov) and LR2000 reporting. Use MLRS to submit either your SF-299 Application or an Inventory Certification. For reporting visit https://reports.blm.gov/reports/MLRS

Following this release, the remainder of Alaska’s data is currently slated to be migrated into MLRS in 2024. 

Visit the MLRS Community site at https://mlrs.blm.gov to get started today.

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Manage your land use authorization, land tenure, mining, solid minerals, geothermal and other cases, conduct research using geospatial mapping software, and more!   

Watch this video to learn more about MLRS and get started today.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should get an MLRS account?

If you have any business with the BLM involving land use authorization, land tenure, or solid minerals cases—no matter how large or small—an MLRS account will allow you to manage your cases with ease from almost anywhere with an internet connection.

What if I own a small business that coordinates with the BLM, or I directly coordinate with BLM myself? What will MLRS do for me?

MLRS makes it easier to manage your cases. With a user account, you will have a custom view of your rights-of-way, permits, sales, exchanges, acquisitions, agreements, or other cases, without the need to run a report. You may also pay filing fees for some land use authorization cases and track your bills in a secure online environment.

How can I conduct research on new areas of interest in MLRS?

MLRS introduces the ability to find locations using an innovative research map. Once logged in, you can bookmark areas of interest, find public data, and search for locations on the map by name or legal land description.

Does MLRS change anything for land tenure, land use authorization, or solid minerals, businesses or individual authorizations?

By registering with an MLRS account, information regarding your withdrawals, rights-of-way, permits, sales, exchanges, acquisitions, agreements, or other cases will be readily accessible online. For example, authorized grants will transfer over from LR2000 into MLRS.

Will MLRS and the BLM track serial numbers on my current case filings?

Yes. Your existing serial numbers will not become obsolete with MLRS. All serial numbers in LR2000 and ALIS will be transferred to MLRS. MLRS will also generate a new standardized serial number for all existing and future cases in MLRS. Both serial numbers are searchable within the system.

Where do I access MLRS reports?

MLRS reports are available at https://reports.blm.gov/reports/mlrs

How are filing fee payments processed in MLRS?

MLRS is integrated with pay.gov. The system will automatically direct you to pay.gov to make a filing fee payment. Once your payment is complete, you will be redirected back to MLRS and receive a confirmation that you have paid.

Is MLRS taking over the electronic submission for SF-299 Application for Communications Use and Inventory Certification I was able to submit through https://csrc.blm.gov 

Yes. Once you create an MLRS account, you will be able to submit SF-299 Application for Communications Use and/or Inventory Certifications

Where can I find more information on the recent MLRS module released in summer 2023?

For more information on the latest module, check out our Mineral & Land Records System: Remaining LR2000 & Initial ACRES / ALIS Cases brochure.

What if I need help with using MLRS?

The MLRS Help Center provides a wealth of information. You can review topical articles and frequently asked questions, or you can search for an answer by subject. You may also submit a request for support to the Help Desk at https://phd.blm.gov.

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