High desert landscape. Photo by Steve Surian/BLM

Massacre Lake HMA

Likely descended from local ranching stock, the horses demonstrate traits from a variety of breeds. They come in solid colors, in general. 

Location: The Massacre Lakes Herd Management Area lies in northern Washoe County, NV. It is approximately 30 miles east of Cedarville, CA.

Size: 39,942 acres

Topography/Vegetation: The northern two-thirds of the HMA has a gentle slope with a southern aspect dissected by shallow drainage courses. The southern third of the HMA is a shallow alkali lake. Vegetation consists primarily of juniper and low sage with bluegrass, squirreltail and needlegrass in the understory.

Wildlife: Pronghorn, mule deer and sage grouse are common in the area.

AML:  35-45

A riparian area in sagebrush. Photo by Steve Surian/BLM