BLM Wyoming Fifteenmile HMA Gather

Photo of horses in the fifteenmile HMA

Background and details of gather:Wild Horse and Burro Program Logo

The BLM Wyoming Worland field office will remove horses from the Fifteenmile Herd Management Area (HMA), located approximately 35 miles northwest of Worland in portions of Wasahkie, Big Horn and Park counties.
The wild horse population in the HMA—estimated to be approximately 700—has well-exceeded its appropriate management level (AML): 100-230 total horses. The Worland Field Office will gather up to 700 horses, with a target removal number of 600 horses, to return the population to the low range of the AML. Horses that have moved outside the HMA will be removed. Approximately 100 horse will be returned to the HMA.

The gather will begin on or after October 17, 2019, and will continue for approximately 1 – 2 weeks.
The BLM uses a federal contractor to gather wild horses from HMAs where the BLM has determined excess animals exist. The contractor uses a helicopter to locate and herd horses toward a set of corrals. The helicopter is assisted by a ground crew and a domesticated horse to lead the gathered horses into the corrals. If needed, the ground crew may assist the helicopter by roping the horses from horseback.

The BLM takes very seriously the humane treatment of wild horses and burros during gather operations. Helicopters have been shown to be the most humane method to gather horses.

Public Observation:

Members of the public are welcome to view the daily gather operations, provided that doing so does not jeopardize the safety of the animals, staff and observers, or disrupt gather operations. The BLM will escort the public to gather observation sites located on public lands. If you are interested in watching the gather, you must contact Sarah Beckwith at

Observers must provide their own transportation, water and food. The BLM recommends footwear and clothing suitable for harsh field conditions and a four-wheel drive, high clearance vehicle. Public restrooms will not be available onsite.

Follow the Fifteenmile HMA Gather on @BLMWyoming and @BLMWHB Twitter.

Adoption Information:

The BLM will transport all wild horses removed from the range to BLM off range corrals in Rock Springs, Wyoming, or other locations. The horses will be freeze branded, vaccinated, dewormed and given a Coggins test. The corrals receiving the horses from the gathers will not be taking requests from the public to hold specific horses.

Some of the horses will be taken to the Wyoming Honor Farm in Riverton or the Mantle Adoption and Training Facility in Wheatland for gentling before being made available for adoption.

Gathered wild horses will be available for adoption through the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program. If you are interested in taking home a wild horse from this gather, please get pre-approved and get ready for the first events in the New Year!

Gather Reports

Friday, October 18, 2019

Conditions were calm, sunny and ~59 degrees Fahrenheit. A total of 211 horses were gathered. One horse was transported to a holding facility for treatment due to a pre-existing bite on its right hip.

Animals gathered: 211
Animals shipped: 1
Total Deaths Today: 0
Acute: 0
Chronic/Pre-existing: 0


Saturday, October 19, 2019

Conditions were cool and overcast with a high of 48 degrees Fahrenheit. A total of 217 horses were gathered, and 128 horses were transferred to the Rock Springs Wild Horse Corrals or Wyoming Honor Farm. 

Animals gathered: 217
Animals shipped: 128
Total Deaths Today: 2
Acute: 2*
Chronic/Pre-existing: 0

*One horse succumbed to a neck injury from the gather operations. One horse succumbed to a strike in the head by another horse on the way to the gather trap. 


Sunday, October 20, 2019

Gather operations were suspended for the day due to adverse weather conditions.

Animals gathered: 0
Animals shipped: 0
Total deaths today: 0
Acute: 0
Chronic/pre-existing: 0


Monday, October 21, 2019

Conditions were calm and cool with a high temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit. One hundred and twelve horses were gathered.

Animals gathered: 112
Animals shipped: 132
Total deaths today: 3
Acute: 1*
Chronic/pre-existing: 2**

*One horse succumbed to a neck injury related to the gather operations.
**One horse was euthanized due to a terminal lung infection. One horse was euthanized due to severe leg deformities.


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Conditions were cool and calm with a high of 45 degree Fahrenheit. Eighteen horses were gathered. 

Animals gathered: 18
Animals shipped: 128
Total deaths today: 3
Acute: 0
Chronic/pre-existing: 3*

*One 5-year old mare was euthanized due to a gangrenous infection around its elbow joint. One 11-year old mare was euthanized due to severe arthritis in both hips. One 28-year old mare was euthanized due to low body score and overall poor health.


Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Operations were suspended today due to adverse weather conditions. No horses were gathered. 

Animals gathered: 0
Animals shipped: 0
Total deaths today: 0
Acute: 0
Chronic/pre-existing: 0


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Conditions were calm with a high of 47 degrees Fahrenheit. Forty-two horses were gathered. We also released 41 mares, 53 studs and 1 colt back into the HMA. When gather operations are concluded, approximately 107 horses total will remain in the HMA.

Animals gathered: 42
Animals shipped: 0
Total deaths today: 2
Acute: 0
Chronic/pre-existing: 2*

*One 6-year old mare was euthanized due to a pre-existing extensor tendon metacarpal injury with very poor prognosis. One 3-4 month old sorrel stud was euthanized due to a pre-existing fracture affecting growth plates in the distal radius, which also had a very poor prognosis.  


Friday, October 25, 2019

Conditions were calm with a high of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Seven horses were gathered from private and BLM-administered lands north of the HMA. Today was the last day of the gather. The remaining horses were transferred to either the Rock Springs Holding Facility or the Wyoming Honor Farm.

Animals gathered: 7
Animals shipped: 0
Total deaths today: 1
Acute: 1
Chronic/pre-existing: 0

*One 2-year old mare succumbed to a neck injury related to the gather operations.



NEPA documents in support of this gather can be accessed on the project ePlanning page.

Know Before You Go


Cumulative Totals

Animals Gathered

Animals Returned to Home Range

*Approximately 12 horses were not gathered, leaving approximately 107 horses total in the HMA.

Animal Deaths