Gunnison Field Office Seasonal Closures

Gunnison County Closures:

The BLM, in coordination with Gunnison County and the U.S. Forest Service, will be closing roads to all motor vehicles to protect Gunnison sage-grouse during their mating and nesting season and to prevent road damage during wet spring conditions. The cooperation of the public is required to successfully implement these road closures. 
The BLM has motorized-access closures across much of the Basin from March 15-May 15. The following is a partial list of main BLM roads subject to these motorized use closures:  

  • BLM 3038, Kezar Basin Road
  • BLM 3038 Nine Mile Hill west of SR 149
  • BLM 3580 Hartman Rocks roads south of powerline
  • Hartman Rocks Powerline Road east of South Beaver Creek
  • BLM 3580 south entrance into Hartman Rocks 
  • BLM 3107 Cabin Creek road at US 50
  • BLM 3106 Dry Gulch road at US 50
  • BLM 3106 Sewell Rim Road at US 50
  • BLM 3076e South Parlin Flats Access Road off SR 114 near mile-marker 5
  • BLM 3076, South Parlin Flats Access Road off SR 114 near mile-marker 7
  • Camp Kettle Gulch road off SR 114
  • BLM 3103 North Parlin Flats road
  • Roads off CR44 accessing Woods Gulch area
  • BLM 3096 off south end of CR 44
  • Poverty Gulch road off Doyleville Cutoff road
  • BLM 3094 Tomichi Dome road
  • BLM 3162 Krueger Ranch road 
  • BLM 3067 Stubbs Gulch access at Gold Basin shooting area
  • BLM 3211d north side of HWY 50, 3 miles east of Gunnison 3211d
  • BLM 3233, Haystack Gulch
  • BLM 3037b3 Willow Creek
  • BLM 3211e (closure is north of Hwy 50 between Tomichi Heights and Cabin Creek)
  • BLM 3226b1 McIntosh Spur above Antelope Hills subdivision

All non-motorized trail users are asked to use Gunnison Basin roads and trails only after 9 a.m. during this time to help reduce disturbance to Sage-grouse.

BLM also has closures in place on Signal Peak trails to protect Gunnison Sage Grouse. Ridge Trail West, Cranor Hill Trail, Shoelace, Chicken Scratch, and Rasta Gulch trails will be closed to all uses from March 15 to May 15.

Some Hartman Rocks Recreation Area wet weather gates will close for mud season. Many of these gates are already closed for winter grooming. Gates will reopen when the roads and trails dry out. Please tread lightly and limit use of muddy trails until conditions improve.

For specific information on these closures, please contact the BLM Gunnison Field Office at (970) 642-4940.

In response to changing weather conditions, wet weather gates may be opened or closed at any time. Please contact (970) 642-4940 for complete updates.