Map of the state of Nevada showing surface management polygons, including district and field office boundaries, HMA, and other agency jurisdictions.

Nevada Lands and Realty

The Realty Division is responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of legislation, regulation, policy and technical guidance for the following Bureau programs:  Disposal, Exchange, Donation and Purchase (including Land and Water conservation Fund), Use Authorization and Land Tenure such as Rights-of-Way, Withdrawals, Acquisitions/Easements, Adjudication, Airport Lease, Carey Act, Color of Title, Film Permits, Indian Allotments, Patents/Deeds, Payment In-Lieu Taxes, Recreation and Public Purpose Act (R&PP), Trespass and Land sales.  Land sales in Nevada are governed by various legislation such as: Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act (P.L. 105-263), Lincoln County Conservation, Recreation, and Development Act (P.L. 108-424), White Pine County Conservation, Recreation, and Development Act (P.L. 109-432), and the Lincoln County Land Act of 2000 (P.L. 106-298).

Communication Site Management Programs:  Nevada administers hundreds of communication facilities range from television and radio stations to wireless internet. Most of the communication facilities administered by BLM occur at communication sites- on mountaintops or other higher elevations. Each of the communication sites has one or more facilities (buildings, towers, antennas, etc.) owned by private or governmental entities, and contain a variety of equipment within each facility. Activities at communication sites are controlled locally by BLM's land use and communication site management plans.

Outreach:  Maintains partnerships and working relationships with other Federal, State, and local agencies and stakeholders and ensures appropriate level of coordination and cooperation.  We also work with agencies and stakeholders to provide comprehensive information about BLM’s ROW programs.  Coordinates with Washington Office, State Offices, and Field Offices on the Transwest Transmission line, Zephyr Power, Navajo Generating Station-Kayenta Mine Complex (NGS-KMC) Project, and Federal Highway Administration and Nevada Department of Transportation to provide input and recommendation to other state resource and non-resource leads on various lands and realty actions.