Colorado River Valley Seasonal Closures

December 1 - April 15

The Sutey Ranch parcel in Garfield County is closed to all human entry and use during this timeframe. Northside Access Trail is closed Oct 1 through May 31 to mechanized use 

Seasonal closures to motorized and mechanized use occur annually in multiple locations in Eagle, Garfield and Pitkin counties:

  • Basalt Mountain (south portion)
  • Boiler-East Elk Creek (north of New Castle )
  • Dry Rifle Creek (east of Rifle Gap Reservoir)
  • East Eagle-Bellyache Ridge except Red Neck Ridge and Boneyard mountain bike trails paralleling County Road 21 (east of Eagle)
  • Fisher Creek-Cattle Creek (north of Carbondale)
  • Flatiron Mesa (south of Rifle)
  • Light Hill (south of Basalt)
  • Red Canyon-Hells Pocket-Bocco Mountain (north of I-70 and south of Castle Peak)
  • Northside of the Red Hill SRMA (north of Carbondale)
  • The Crown, except a mountain bike trail paralleling Pitkin County Road 5 (southeast of Carbondale)
  • Thompson Creek/Holgate Mesa (southwest of Carbondale)
  • West Rifle Creek (west of Rifle Gap Reservoir)
  • Williams Hill (southeast of Basalt)
  • Winter Ridge-Pisgah Mountain-Windy Point-Domantle areas (north of Castle Peak)
  • Hardscrabble (south of I-70 between Eagle and Gypsum)
  • Red Hill SRMA (northside)

January 16 - April 15

In conjunction with Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s request for late season big game hunting access, the following areas in Eagle County will be closed to motorized and mechanized vehicles:

  • East Castle Peak (eastside of Castle Peak)
  • Greenhorn/Cottonwood Creek (north of Gypsum)


Seasonal Closure Interactive Web Map  

A complete list and maps of the areas affected by these winter closures are available at the Colorado River Valley Field Office in Silt, 2300 River Frontage Road. For additional information or to report violations in these areas call the BLM Colorado River Valley Field Office in Silt, (970) 876-9000.