Diversity Policy Statement

CA IB-2023-006
Information Bulletin

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To:All Employees
From:State Director
Subject:Diversity Policy Statement
Information Bulletin:

Over the past few years, a government-wide effort has been underway to elevate and prioritize the advancement of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA). Within BLM California, we have endeavored to lead on this critical mission and to embed and operationalize these policies and principles into our organizational ethos.

Our leadership teams and various employee-led, DEIA advocacy groups are targeting real, specific, and tangible outcomes in order to see authentic progress in our DEIA initiatives. We are placing focus and leverage where necessary to bring those outcomes to life.

We continue to support and maintain robust employee-driven programs that support the overarching diversity and equity mission. The Diversity Change Agent, Special Emphasis Programs, and Employee Engagement Ambassador programs create community within our BLM California workforce and make our policies, practices, and workplace culture more inclusive. In addition, in FY23 we are working to promote Employee Resource Groups that build allyship and strengthen acceptance, camaraderie and fairness within the workplace.

We are continuing our efforts to improve outreach to underserved and underrepresented communities, and to diversify our applicant pool and workforce, by enhancing our strategic outreach methods and growing our list of external partners. Our Strategic Outreach and Recruitment Team remains engaged and effective in providing tools, resources, and support to hiring officials as they map out strategic outreach plans. The Team will provide direction and assistance to District and Division offices as they develop their own outreach teams and region and program specific goals. The Teams SharePoint resources are being shared with other BLM State Centers and HQ teams and team members are leading a quarterly collaboration with all DOI agencies from Regions 8 and 10 who share our DEIA-focused outreach goals.

In closing, the more inclusive we are the better our work will be. We are committed to ensuring that BLM California leads the way in carrying out the government-wide DEIA mission. We embrace and derive value from the variety of views and backgrounds that each of our employees bring to achieve inclusive excellence in all that we do. 

Signed By:
Karen E. Mouritsen
State Director
Authenticated By:
Larry Weitzel
GIS/Applications Mgmt. Branch, CA-946