Idaho Falls District Office

The Idaho Falls District, located in southeast Idaho, manages approximately 3.7 million acres of public land. The topography and terrain differ substantially throughout the area, ranging from sagebrush and desert to high-elevation forests. The District itself incorporates 16 counties, with Montana to the north and Utah to the south. The western edge borders the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, with the eastern edge extending to the beautiful Teton mountain range.

With such a diverse geographic area, the Idaho Falls District has many challenges to face as it balances its mission of multiple use and sustainable yield to achieve a sustainable ecosystem. Some of the major activities occurring within the district include: grazing, recreation, mining, wildlife and fisheries, fire management, riparian and wetland management, realty and land use.

The Idaho Falls District is divided into four geographic areas/field offices: Challis (799,000 acres), Salmon (493,000 acres), Upper Snake (1,854,000 acres) and Pocatello (557,000 acres).


Mary D'Aversa

District Manager