Billings Field Office

The Billings Field Office manages approximately 434,000 acres of public surface lands and 889,479 acres of federal mineral estate in eight counties in southcentral Montana and in Big Horn County, Wyoming. The field office includes Pompeys Pillar, on which Captain William Clark inscribed his signature in 1806. This signature is the only in-place physical evidence of the legendary Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery. Pompeys Pillar is now a national monument.  

The BLM also manages the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. Wild horses from the Pryor Range are popular among wild horse enthusiasts because the horses share many characteristics with Spanish mustangs, which may number among their ancestors.

The field office offers abundant recreation opportunities to the residents of Billings, Montana’s largest city. The office also administers grazing, archeological sites, and wildlife habitat and works to reduce the danger of wildland fire in the wildland-urban interface.   




Nate Arave

Field Manager