Billings Fire Cache

BLM entrance sign to the Billings Cache facility

The Billings Fire Cache (BFK) is a Type II National Interagency Support Cache operating in association with the Northern Rockies and the National Cache System. The mission of BFK is to provide logistical support in response to wildland fire and all risk emergency incidents, for the East Zone Northern Rockies Region, with interagency cooperation in the sharing of resources within the zone, region and on a national scale. The zone that BFK is responsible for is an area nearly the size of Texas. They remain in a state of readiness to respond to incidents large and small.

BFK stores supplies and equipment for a force of about 1000 firefighters. Restocking occurs from resources within the National Cache System and other mandatory sources such as DLA and GSA. BFK uses an inventory control system that tracks real-time supply quantities and locations to assist with shipping, receiving, and return of over 650 items currently stocked. The inventory system BFK uses is connected to a national fire cache database, so they can readily communicate and share resources across agencies. BFK meets the needs of the wildland fire teams with a vast array of supplies on a temporary loan basis. Upon completion of an incident, the supplies are returned to BFK where they are cleaned, fixed, repaired, and inventoried for use on the next incident.

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