A granite arch with tall mountains in the background.

The Alabama Hills are a formation of rounded rocks and eroded hills set between the jagged peaks of the Sierra Nevada and Owens Valley. In March of 2019 Congress designated 18,745 acres of the Alabama Hills as a National Scenic Area. The unique geological formation of the Alabama Hills was created by uplifting 100 million years ago. Hundreds of natural arches and windows can be found throughout the area.

The desert landscape is dotted with sagebrush and small cactus varieties. Plants must adapt to the harsh environments of extremely hot summers and cold winters. With these special adaptations of plants brings some equally extreme animals to the hills such as Black- tailed- hare, white tailed antelope squirrel, and chuckwalla.

Alabama Hills National Scenic Area Artist in Residence is in its second year of the program! We hosted our first two artist in 2022 and we are so excited to continue to grow our program and provide inspiration and recognition to our future artist.

Current Artist in Residence Happenings: 

Alyssa Marquez Hosting an Observation and Art Walk

  • Date and Time: 10/07/2023 @ 9:00am to 10:30am
  • Description of Event: Join BLM’s artist in residence, Alysa Marquez, between the jagged peaks of the Sierra Nevada and Owens Valley for an Observation and Art Walk within the Alabama Hills National Scenic Area. Participants will take short hikes to locations within the rounded rocks and eroded hills to observe their surroundings and create brief artworks (e.g., drawings, photography, poetry, audio recordings, video) in response to these observations. 

The Observation and Art Walk allows participants to experience the environment through focused perspective, uncovering textures, animals and sounds that might normally go unnoticed. Inspiring visitors to care for and protect public lands is a goal of the Artist in Residence program, and this Observation and Art Walk will encourage celebration of the Alabama Hills.

  • Participants must pre-register for the event, please sign up here to join. 


Kristen Freeborn Hosting a viewing of her work and Acrylic Painting Workshop

      The public can view Kristen's final work at the Eastern Sierra Visitor Center from 10am to 4:30pm on 10/14/23. She will be present throughout the day to answer questions and talk about her residency.  

      Oil Painting Workshop:

  • Date and Time: 10/14/23 @ 11:00am to 1:00pm
  • Location: Please meet in the lobby of the Eastern Sierra Visitor Center location in Lone Pine, CA. 
  • Description of Event: Join Alabama Hills Artist in Residence, Kristen Freeborn, for a free acrylic painting workshop for beginners and intermediates, recommended ages 10 and up.  

Kristen is finishing her residency for the Bureau of Land Management in the Alabama Hills National Scenic Area. She focuses on western themes in her work, primarily in the Sierra Nevada and surrounding deserts. She is excited to meet the community in the Owens Valley and invites them to join her lesson. Supplies and refreshments provided by BLM and the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association. 

  • Participants must pre-register for the workshop here. We look forward to seeing you!