Three hikers walking past the sandstone wall riddled with holes in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.

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Each day, the Bureau of Land Management employees, volunteers and partners conserve public lands, build our nation’s energy infrastructure and support local economies, advance scientific discovery and much more.  Read our blog stories about the BLM in your community and learn how to get involved.

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Eastern Montana/Dakotas DO, Miles City FO

Rock of Ages

A recently issued free-use permit will give Prairie County in eastern Montana access to the high quality gravel.
National Office

Habitat for food, security and connectivity

Greater sage-grouse rely completely on sagebrush lands for all aspects of their life cycle.

National Volunteer Week: BLM Colorado Volunteer Spotlight Marty Costos

After a lifetime of travel and forty years spent as a teacher, Marty Costos found herself retiring in Cortez, Colorado.

From Toys for Tots to BLM Arizona, Steven Ala shines on National Administrative Professionals Day

After six years in the U.S. Marine Corps, Steven Ala joined the Bureau of Land Management Arizona as a staff assistant for Division of Resources and Planning.
Utah, Price FO

Price Field Office Wilderness Monitoring in Little Grand Canyon, Utah

April 2-3, 2024, Price Field Office Park Ranger Sadie Waller and Outdoor Recreation Planner Bridget Murray went on a two-day
National Office, California

Public lands provide respite for people with autism

April is Autism Acceptance Month. Autism is a spectrum of strengths, challenges, and individual preferences and characteristics.
National Office

Clean energy, Healthy habitat

Authorizing renewable energy development is a priority for the Department of the Interior, and
Arizona, Arizona Strip FO

Retired forester Doug Page returns to public lands as a BLM site steward volunteer

Like many public servants, Doug’s passion for giving back did not stop after retirement.

How to volunteer with the Bureau of Land Management Arizona

There is something for everyone, whether you are a student seeking volunteer internships, a local youth group looking for outdoor projects, or someone who loves the outdoors and wants to help the BLM take care of public lands.

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