The beginning of BLM: How 486 words created the nation’s largest land manager

Today is an important one in the history of the BLM. On May 16, 1946—78 years ago—the agency was conceived on paper, when President Harry S. Truman submitted to Congress “Reorganization Plan 3.”

Honoring Black Heritage: The Trailblazing Journey of James Beckwourth and the African American Influence on Utah's Public Lands

This Black History Month, the BLM Utah recognizes the enduring and diverse contributions of African Americans throughout American history, from the exploration and settlement of the American West to their significant roles in shaping our nation's past and present across all aspects of society.

Record of the Week: Grasshopper Falls, Kansas

You won't find the town of Grasshopper Falls, Kansas on a modern map. But as our GLO record of the week shows, it was certainly there after being founded in 1859.

Women surveyors make their mark on an ancient profession

During March, we’ll be commemorating Women’s History Month 2023 by telling the stories of some of the women who have helped shape the Bureau of Land Management's mission, vision and values for

Drawing lightning and inspiration in southeastern Oregon

Hiram E. Leslie lay suffering in what was then called Dugout Gulch by everyone in southeastern Oregon. Lightning had reached out and touched the accused cattle rustler after he had declared his innocence to friends. “If I’m guilty of stealing my neighbor’s cattle, may the Lord strike me dead on the spot,” Mr. Leslie fumed.