Lode & Placer: 150 years of mining claims on public lands

by Heather Feeney, Public Affairs Specialist 

Utah's cowbelle: Katherine Fenton Nutter

Story by Angela Hawkins, Public Affairs Specialist. Photo courtesy of the Utah Historical Society.


The race to save Yaquina Head

Since the lighthouse was built in 1871, Yaquina Head has been a landmark and navigational beacon. But it wasn’t always protected by public land. When a nearby quarry threatened the lighthouse and the very rock it stood on, two local women banded together to preserve the outstanding natural area for future generations.

Northeastern States District’s stewardship partner receives Michigan Governor’s Award

Each year during National Historic Preservation Month in May, the Governor’s Awards for Historic Preservation in Michigan honor outstanding historic preservation achievements reflecting a commitmen

Greg Shine

How Floras Lake almost became "the Atlantic City of the Pacific Coast"

In 1908, investors planned – and began building – the community of Pacific City on the lakeside’s cliffs, billing it as “the Atlantic City of the Pacific Coast.”