What We Manage in California

In California, the Bureau of Land Management oversees:

  • 15 million acres of public lands in California – about 15% of the Golden State’s total land mass
  • 47 million acres of subsurface mineral estate
  • 1.6 million surface acres in northwestern Nevada

These public lands extend across rangelands, forests, high mountains, and deserts, making California one of the most diverse states in the nation.  The abundance of natural resources on public lands managed for multiple use by the BLM throughout California continues to support generations of families and local communities, while providing important economic benefits to Californians and the nation.

While the BLM authorizes renewable energy production, mining, grazing, and timber harvesting, its conservation efforts ensure our natural, recreational, historical, and cultural resources will be available for future generations.  

For more information about BLM public lands:

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A women looks over the Sacramento River Bend Outstanding Natural Area in California at sunset, photo by Bob Wick, BLM

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California Priorities

  • Land Use Planning
  • Implementation of Landscape Level Planning Documents
  • Focus on Employee Safety